Becoming a SUMMIT Vendor

Welcome to the Summit Management Vendor information page. At Summit, all vendors are required to comply with our Vendor Management Program (VMP). Please click HERE for details and requirements pertaining to our Vendor Management Program.

*Please note that there are costs for vendors associated with requirements of the VMP.

To get started

If you have been selected as a vendor to perform work for a community or region, and you agree to our Vendor Requirements for Summit Management Services, you can follow the steps below to begin enrollment as a Summit Management vendor.

Important – Vendors are not permitted to begin performing work for our communities until all the steps below are complete as payment may be delayed.

  1. Complete and return new vendor setup form. Download the new vendor set-up form HERE. Complete and return the form to the community or regional office that selected you as the vendor.
  2. Register for an account with VendorCafé. Within 5 business days of submitting your new vendor setup form you should receive an email invitation with instructions on registering for a VendorCafé account. VendorCafe is an online vendor portal, through which our VMP is administered. Please note Summit has a closed enrollment system, so you must wait for the email from VendorCafé to begin your enrollment.
  3. Satisfy Compliance Requirements. As part of the registration process you will be asked to submit insurance and tax identification documentation within VendorCafé. The information submitted is then provided to our screening partner, Registry Monitoring Insurance Services (RMIS), who will review your information and ensure your company satisfies Summit’s requirements. If you don’t satisfy the requirements, RMIS will work directly with your insurance agent to assist in meeting these requirements.
  4. Become An Approved Vendor. Once you complete your registration for VendorCafé and have satisfied all compliance requirements, your status will be reflected as “Approved”.

Once approved as a vendor

  1. You are eligible to begin servicing the property(s). Purchase Orders should be obtained (when applicable) prior to providing services or goods.
  2. Invoices should be submitted within VendorCafé (preferred) or submitted to our PO Box designated for automated invoice processing. Invoices should NOT be submitted to a property’s office, any of our corporate offices, or by email to Summit Management staff. Failure to adhere to these requirements will result in delayed payment.
  3. You are encouraged to save the web address for the VendorCafé Sign In page. However, you can click here to access it.


Questions regarding the enrollment process can be sent to [email protected]